Powerpath Command


powermt check_registration Check the state of the PowerPath license
powermt config Configure logical devices as PowerPath devices
powermt display options Display options settings for storage system classes
powermt display unmanaged Display logical devices that have been excluded from PowerPath management (third-party storage systems only)
powermt display dev=all  
powermt config  
powermt check Check for, and optionally remove, dead paths
powermt load Load a PowerPath configuration
powermt manage Place a specified logical device, or specified storage system class, under PowerPath management (third-party storage systems only)
powermt remove Remove a path from the PowerPath configuration
powermt restore Test and restore paths
powermt save Save a custom PowerPath configuration
powermt set mode Set paths to active or standby mode
powermt set policy Change the load balancing and failover policy
powermt set priority Set the I/O priority
powermt version Return the version of PowerPath that is installed on the host
* powermt check [class=symm|clariion|hitachi|hpxp|hphsx|ess|all]
[force] [hba=hba#|all] [dev=path|device|all]